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put it to the test. find your new pantene. live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 4:00 p.m. >> we begin with a developing story. the san bruno gaslamp explosion one week after the fatal explosion. -gas wind explosion. and a rebuilding process begins that residents are being aware of post- disaster scams. >> [♪], an evacuation of a gas odor that an elementary. and christine connolly joins us. >> christine? >> yes, air quality is a big
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when the and the breeze is picking up in it was windy, rubble, there's ash and a lot of hazardous material. you can see those workers in the middle of this rubble and the san mateo the mother is forecast for rain, and typically, one-tenth
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of an inch. and--there is forecast for rain. and that will help, and we're in the process of putting up protection of the storm drains. if there is any runoff? no consequences. and our concern is the wind and blowing the dust. with the fire crews going through once, twice, depending on the wind forecast and spring water onto the site. >> that is why when you see- spring water. >> when they are in their white protective suits it-sprainin sp water. reporting live from >> mall, for different arrests trying to these four people are accused of submitting driver's license applications that they lived in the burned area. all
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four have been booked on suspicion of burglary, perjury and submission of false, forged documentation to a government agency. and disasters have been known to bring out criminals seeking for people who is in haaziq madyun >> and how the city of san bruno is trying to protect people. >> residence in san bruno, be aware of fake contractors that is the message of the san mateo county. and the contractor's license board is getting out by placing warning signs like these on front of homes in the damaged area. wreck, the spokesperson spoke about how to detect. >> the on-these are very slick salesman, and they will try to be helpful, and even try to get money up front. , and he mentions that asking for a huge down payment is a big red flag. >> the conduct not ask for more
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than 10% or 1000, whatever is lost. >> and another signed it is look for the licence. contractors have to have one of these, and jonathan is doing restoration work with servpro the same number can also be found on the side of this truck. he says it is the law. >> and the contractor, that you are required to put the license number on the truck. >> so far, there's been no complaints of contractor fraud in the gas line explosion area. to get the word out, they will hope to keep it that way in san bruno haaziq madyun >> and difficult moments at portola elementary. a. smelled natural gas it is only 1 mi. away from the gas pipe exploded last week. san bruno fire
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crews, pg&e to the investigation and to not find any gas leak. authorities are saying that they perhaps it is carbon monoxide built in. it was built perhaps into the heating system of the school but was turned on for the first time this morning. >> this video, there were picked up by their parenand portola was closed for today just as a precaution. there were shook up. >> a little bit scary. i was scared and worried about the kids after what happened in san bruno. >> i was kind of freaked out. >> it is kind of surprising. because, you do not know what is going to happen, next. >> i was hope wondering that if portola got was going to be getting blown up? >> everything is so fresh in our minds from last week. i'm so happy that the school reacted so quickly. >> i think anything can happen
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at any time and what you have to worry about is how it is handled. >> i think portola did excellent job today handling the situation. >> it is better to be safe than sorry. >> the school will be reopened, tomorrow. meanwhile, a vigil will begin at 7:00 p.m. tonight. friends, family, will join to remember the greig's 17th avenue, san francisco and tomorrow, the mass of the same location. also, these are for jessica morales. and at the viewing. and the 500 west lake avenue in daly city. funeral services at 7:00 p.m., saturday. she will be buried at 1:00 p.m. on monday. at woodlawn memorial.
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stay with kron 4 for the continuing coverage. you can head to our website. comprehensive coverage. ♪ >> a live look outside from our mount pam cam this afternoon. sunny skies and offshore some fog deception pushing into san rinses go right now. temperatures are warmer. and with 90 degrees in santa rosa. 82 degrees in napa, the low 80s inland. and warmer in the north bay and warmer in the south bay. for 76 in los gatos, san jose, 64 in san francisco that fog is pushing in over the city right now. the temperature change over the past 24 hours looks like this. nine degrees warmer in redwood, santa rosa, oakland, and a seven degrees warmer in napa. and for degrees warmer in inland. and the latest
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satellite shows the fog pushing and. some of it is pretty dense out there right now. that will continue overnight and the fog and cooler temperatures. and any advance of this storm system where rains likely will be submitted data on sunday. we will speak about that just in a few minutes. stay with us.
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>> a quick look at the stocks. the dow jones was increased by 22 points. meanwhile, home sales plunged 10.9%. in august, the of the lowest level for the month in 18 years compared to one year ago. sales were also down 1.1% from a july. meanwhile, the median price dipped $2.30 eight five k in august. and the decrease marked the second street from hundred 85,000-- >> and the mortgage giant, fannie mae that americans and
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more cautious. about purchasing homes, that 47 believe that home prices will remain steady. 31 percent believe a slight rebound. 70 percent of americans things that it is a good time and that is up from january. but 33 of would likely to rent their next home. if there were to move. >> equip live look outside and it is slow going on the james 101 be split. the 80 along the top of your screen slowing making its way to the bridge. we will be right back!
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♪ >> with news around the bay, a will was hit and directed to the port of oakland. a whale. and inbound ship was tracked. until it docked in investigators think that the will could of been dead before it was hit. it
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comes appears to be a shark bite. the national marine service is going to remove the will. concord police are going to look for an officer involved shooting east of highway 242. this is video. kron 4 spoke with the lt. about the concord police, take a listen. >> just before 2:30 a.m. concord police officers attended to stop a subject near ashbury/clayton. and they wanted to stop the subject because he was perhaps wanted on outstanding warrants of robbery. he immediately ran down ashbury drive and as he they pursued. they made it one have down ashbury drive and the officers confronted the subject. he produced and a weapon. officers fired, struck the subject in the subject was wounded and transported to medical center in walnut creek. and current
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conditions there were two officers also involved in the shooting. and per department policy, they've been on paid administrative leave. very early into the investigation, with and the officer involved in a shooting, where working in conjunction with a counter kosti coun contra costa county sheri's department, >> the suspect as i'd been identified as 25 year-old brian white. his felony arrest for fremont, san jose pas warrfelony burglaries'. >> in san jose, two men are dead of the aircraft trying to get away from the c h p. rett before 1:30, two men are dead, try to get a witness chp. right before the crash, the chp officer tried to pull over the car. and carlisle st. and it did not stop and crashed into two different
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parked cars and overturned. the four people inside, and the two dead in the front were dead. and there is one person surviving that it was the driver and the injuries are not life- threatening. ♪ >> and you can see the the fog is pushing into the bay already. and still dense! and as we see that fog in the morning. it will perhaps get some high clouds streaming and throughout tomorrow afternoon. with our first storm. saturday, sunday, a chance of showers in the north bay on saturday. the rainfall perhaps on sunday if likely. and cooler as we go into sunday, not this should be saying 56--65 [laughter] >> and not five. and it is pretty extensive, and widespread fog. and especially a close to
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the coastline and it was day a lot longer to picdissipate. and livermore, the north bay, and back to the coastline by 12:00 p.m.-noon. hovering over san francisco and even in two oakland perhaps this is a bit exaggerated. and we're going to start to see those high clouds. streaming and later in the afternoon. and with 78 in santa rosa, and 78 in napa. inland, will stay in th upper 70's, low 80s and 77 in san jose, tomorrow let us take a look at the rainfall. with the rainfall at 9:00 a.m. on saturday there is a chance to we could see shower before that in the north bay. early sunday morning, you can see that increasing rain chance south of the golden gate. by 12:00 p.m.- noon, the chance of rain be- you're white. and the darker green represented in a strong
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burst chance. pushing out towards the later part of the day, and with your kron 4 7 day around the bay cooler, the chance of the north bay showers on saturday and rainfall likely on sunday. with the north bay starting and entered the golden gate by 12:00 p.m.-noon. temperatures will be cooler, and and try, and pleasantly warmer conditions expected for the start of your knee week next week-dry. >> a standoff in jo the loft john hopkins university, is expecting of killing his mother, himself. it happened after he became distraught about learning his mother's condition. investigators explain what happened earlier today. >> during the course of the doctors conversation that mr. davis removed a small, a
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semiautomatic handgun. from his waist area. waistband area and fired one single gun shot that struck the doctor in the lower chest, upper abdomen. >> he is been in a stand off in two hours with his mother and the doctor is expected to be okay. >> we of a programming note, tonight nbc will have thabc wils came, so tonight, it will be the season premiere of the apprentice. followed by a special edition of kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. and a quick look at the very foggy golden gate bridge. we will be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ my doctor, my wife, the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyone else want you to quit? me! i want me to quit.
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fax ♪ north >> turning to decision 2010, meg whitman had intense questioning at a campaign site at ylep in
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the san francisco, that she is been a record holder. she is now spend more on the money than any candidate, in the entire history of american campaigning. meg whitman has spent $190 million! we asked her that on a one on one--119, have been a running-almost 20 months at a contested primary and against somebody who is backed by public employee unions. it is expensive. i feel great about where we are and i think california is very smart we cannot buy a oh mwe cannot buy elections, but we can buy representatives, and jerry brown has been bought and sold! >> i do not take the audience for granted or my voters for granted >> and that stands on gay marriage. >> in california news, they have
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a record on august. of time without a new budget plan. they have been without a budget for 78 days top legislative officials say that the outcome might not result until after the november election. democrats/republicans are still in a standoff if taxes and spending is needed to close the $19 million deficit. >> the 850 0 a., with the aggressive attacks have slowed its attacks. and now, the nearly 13 square miles broken out on sunday. it has destroyed one home and threatening to 50, more. governor arnold schwarzenegger has declared a state of our emergency. the fire was caused by human but not if it was an accident or intentional. we have new details on the jaycee to guard case. the
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california of crime victims has declined to a claim that she deserved compensation for emotional injury because of state parole agents did not find her watch was being held by merrill lynch, kidnappers. her claim was not covered-jaycee dugard she is not deserving of compensation when her daughter was being held. -kidnappers. and a cooler wet weekend and will have details coming up in just a bit.
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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 4:30 >> that has been a week since the deadly fire in san bruno. to take our residents of the homes were allowed to go in and recover what is left. jeff bush tells us what was life for one man who lost almost everything. >> homeowners have been sifting to this burned

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